Who's the better President

Who’s the better President for the Real Estate Industry? Not necessarily who you are voting this coming election. Vote Now!

McCain, because he wants to lower all taxes and because Obama is an overt socialist. Socialism is the enemy of capitalism and Obama is an enemy of entrepreneurs and capitalists. However, McCain is a socialist lite and I don’t like him either. So, I pick answer C. None of the Above!


Can i write in a McCain/Biden ticket? :anon

Umm…how about Bob Barr? He is on the ballot in 46 states now. If he gets at least 15% votes this year, then in four years when the socialist (or socialist lite) is out of the office, he (or the libertarians) may be taken more seriously by the press, which is a ridiculous hurdle we have to make.

Does not matter. I think the RE industry will survive whichever one gets elected.

So you aren’t voting? Come on, exercise your right and responsibility :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ll hold my nose and vote for McCain/Palin - ONLY BECAUSE PALIN IS ON THE TICKET. At least, that’s my current plan. However, everytime McCain talks about “global warming” (which even the wacko environmentalists admit stopped 10 years ago), I am tempted to change my mind.


propertymanager is right. People don’t realize that McCain was about the change to the Democrat party at one pint in the past. Both have really weak commitment to the private sector.

I was able to watch Obama and McCain debate… and all I can say is that McCain appears like he’s a blast from the past LOL

What it is about Palin that gives you confidence in that ticket as VP pick?

Yeah I think I’d like to hear that too… is she any good for REI? :slight_smile:

She seems pro-small business which should bode well for most of us on here. It will be interesting to see how many of these ideas being discussed by the candidates actually get put into action. There’s always big talk prior to the election about the next president saving the world.

What it is about Palin that gives you confidence in that ticket as VP pick?

I like the fact that she’s plain spoken; has common sense; and is a small business owner. She’s against raising taxes and is for drilling EVERYWHERE.

If that’s not pro-business and pro-REI, I don’t know what is. Unfortunately, McCain is at the top of the ticket and he’s a borderline socialist.


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