Who's got the best HELOC rates and program?

Anyone? Already started the loan process through ETrade but soon realized they weren’t really the cheapest. Although, the nice thing about ETrade is all my accounts are in a single place, might be worth the extra .50 or so.

Depends on your situation.

As with any loan program it will be based off of your parameters.

I have had the best success with National City. All of the Lenders are pretty close in what they offer. (intro rate, prime, prime +) It just depends on what niche you fall into.

National City for the standard stuff. If your going BIG ($150K+) check out Bank One (Prime - 1).

It’s for myself. I’m going 90% LTV which will be a $234,000 line of credit. I checked out Bank One’s web site and they are now a part of Chase. Are you sure they offer Prime -1? Is that only an intro or fixed for the whole term? The best Chase offers is Prime -.50. I don’t see a -1. Can you give me more info on that??

I just checked with them and the Prime - 1.00 Special is over for the time being.

(LTV and Prime -/+)
80% - .76
89% - .25
90% + .50

The spread over prime is fixed for the whole term. When prime adjusts, so does your rate.