Who's active in this RE Wholesale Business In So. Ca.l?

I posed a question in my last thread and did not get a response. Is anyone on this forum an actual RE Wholesaler? I’m in Riverside CA, and I won’t label myself a newbie. I’ve done my due diligence, and my common sense tells me that, connecting with the right sources we can make something happen. If your in SoCal, let’s talk about.

Steve K.


I am going to bite at this, what are you looking for as far as property, a single family, a duplex, triplex, 4 plex, commercial, multi-unit?

Are you looking for one property, five properties or 100 properties?

What price range are you looking for less than 100k, less than 200k, less than 500k or over 1m?

What area do you actually want to buy a property in San Bernadino, Riverside, Las Angeles, Orange or San Diego County?

Are you looking for a rental (Portfolio)? Are you looking for a fix & Flip? Major remodel or minor paint and carpet?

Are you able to close for cash? Do you plan to close hard money? Do you have a lender lined up?

Let me know these answers and I will help you find the resources and property you need?