Wholsaling sight unseen

I was wondering if people actually can wholesale without ever seeing the property. This idea doesnt seem to match up with what I think it takes to wholesale. But there are the gurus who will tell you that it can be dine and people are making millions doing it. I dont think that is the case because if it was, everyoine would be doing it. I just want to find out is there anyone on this board that is doing it. And if so, how?


Just because everyone can cook burgers doen’t mean everyone can run a successful restaurants like McD and Wendy’s either.

Can you do it? sure you can. I know investors in Arizona who buy and wholesale in San Antonio without coming to san antonio. How do they do it? they have people who go and assess the property on their behalf or they buy it so cheap, it doesn’t matter what it needs, or they go by what the seller says and if it doesn’t sell then they withdraw the contract.

I don’t know, can you do it? I know I can do it. I just did it last
week. I contracted on 2 apartment condo’s did’nt even have pictures
and then resold the contracts to another investor who also did’nt view
the property. How and why did I do it? Because I knew the area, I
knew is was good deal and I knew the building. Plus I had an investor who trust my judgment. He never looks at anything I bring him, he
just knows it good deal.

So if you do that do you have to have buyers from that area or does it even matter?

I don’t think it matters, I have buyers in the next province over from me. I’m in Canada BTW. If its a great deal and if you have pictures a serious investor will not likely have to come and inspect. From
my experience it’s the ones that insist on doing a 100 point property inspection that are’nt worth dealing with. If I offer to sell you a property a property that is 150,000 below market value do
you care if even if the foundation is shot, knowing the most it would cost is say $50,000. I try to buy for the value of the land alone anyway and get the house as a bonus.

Yeah, I guess your right… I’m gonna try that.Thanks wholesaleempire :biggrin