wholeselling in ohio help

I am new to wholeselling and I have a few questions. 1 is there anyone wholeselling in Ohio and if so how well is it going for them. 2 is it legal to wholesell houses in Ohio. what are some ways i can build my buyers list up in Ohio specifically Cleveland Ohio. if anyone can help please.

You should be able to wholesale in every state. You can build your buyers list by getting deals and then advertising them on Craigslist.org, Backpage.com, etc. You can call the numbers on bandit signs or anyone that advertises “I buy houses” or “We buy houses” in the websites I mentioned earlier. Most of the people you call might be potential buyers. Read a lot of the postings on this website as well as articles and download the free e-books and audio clips that are also offered from this terrific website.

Yes, you can wholesale in Ohio. One of the best wholesaling “gurus” is right in Ohio - Vena Jones-Cox. You should see if you can attend one of her seminars or buy one of her courses, which are excellent.

Her website is www.regoddess.com and I think she even has a course available via REI Club.

Good luck!