Are there really people out here doing deals in the 2009. I am really a little skeptical about all the high prices and stories of success. So i am wondering if there are other people out there that knows of success stories taking place in 2009 and not in last years or previous years market?

There has to be deals out there…there are tons of posts on here and other resources that support there are deals. 85% of the posters have nothing to gain by telling you otherwise.

The deals are out there to those that are working hard to get them. Especially with the housing crisis, etc. There are tons of deals to be worked. It’s like just about anything else in life, however…you have to be willing to do all the research, legwork and due diligence for it to be profitable. No one is going to hand it to you (besides the advice you get here, that is).

Can’t speak for the country as a whole,but sure deals are being bought/sold.This is just the time that divides the ones who know what they’re doing and those who don’t.I strongly advise people who read a book or went to a seminar that this is’nt a trial market.You can really get in a mess if you are’nt very careful.

We’ve been moving at a slower pace,being real reserved on properties.But still we are moving.People are buying the best bargain,so you just have to buy right and sell right. In short it’s not “dooms day” for real estate,just have to know what you’re looking at.

The poll is worded incorrectly. It’s impossible to answer.

Haha, I noticed that too DemosL…but i thought I was just reading it incorrectly…

“Deals being done” has no relationaship to gurus or what gurus are selling.