hey guys, you can call me H.
im looking to get into wholesaling. can you guys please help me? give me examples on how to go about the whole thing?
how you started it?
how you find your buyers ?

i read a couple books from Jay Harrison and Mark Whitten but still a little lost still
help please? i want to start off that way but eventually become an investor myself

Hey H… there is plenty of free articles and previous threads that explain the process. get busy reading buddy!

Hey H, browse here http://www.reiclub.com/flip-house-wholesaling-articles.htm


I also recommend reading the articles listed above. However even though reading articles can give you the knowledge you need, it sometimes isn’t enough to give a beginner the confidence to jump into the game. There tends to be gaps in the information that may cause you to be confused. In some cases I recommend buying a course, nothing expensive, but something complete with no up sell. Steve cook used to have a gat course but I’m not sure it is still available. The course should walk you through the steps for wholesaling in a simple way.

This is how I got started. I read everything on this forum for about a year, but never really took action until I bought a course and just followed it from beginning to end.

Just my two cents…