Wholesaling to Investors

Greeting fellow investors:

I have been seeking someone to bird dog for in the Denver CO area for 10 or so days. I have sent email to some of you on this forum. My challenge is that no one is responding to my direct questions or request. For example I have made contact with an investor (from this fourm) and they told me that I should send them the details of the deal to review. I would be happy to do that except for I have asked for non disclosure paper work or how they would pay me for my time in finding deals if the numbers that they have seen are correct. and how they want to conduct business with me. These question do not get answered. In fact they get ignored. I understand that an investor needs all the information to make a final decision, but I am only asking them for the best way to work with them. Am I wrong for wanting this information before I start working with them?

By the way there is always enough room for the flipper to make at least 30K (after 30k in remodel cost) in all of these deals and often times more, much more. . ??? :banghead

My guess is you are putting people off by the Non Disclosure Statement request. Wholesalers HAVE to talk to others to get deals done. If you are asking for them to not release information you are basically making it a waste of time for them to work with you.

So they won’t reply to you.

Instead of asking them how to work for them, instead set a price for what you want to get. Contact wholesalers and say you will provide qualified leads either for A) a set amount each lead, or B) a set amount for each closed transaction originating from your lead.

Better yet, find out about your local real estate investor clubs and attend their meetings. Rub elbows and ask the people what kind of deals they are looking for. Then bring them the deals. If you bring people deals, you’ll get paid. Worry less about how you will get paid and much more about the types of deals they want, then go find them.

The issue you’ll find is that most of the experienced investors that are buying are going direct to the banks now for reos.

I tend to ignore folks trying to get non disclosure forms signed by me, as it ain’t that serious.

As for the 30k in profit, the 30k doesnt matter unless it represents at least 40% of the arv.

30k on a house valued at 200k is nothing when you consider the fact that you’re buyers costs are based on percentages of the sales price.

Try to focus more on percentage of value and you do better.