Wholesaling Retail Houses

What experiences and luck have you all had wholesaling houses that are in retail condition?

It depends on what you mean by retail condition. Typically retail describes a price not the shape of a house. If you mean pretty houses then you can do alot with those.

As always it comes down to what your buyers are looking for. If you have buyers who are looking for pretty houses then pretty houses are as easy to wholesale as any.

Wholesaling is the easiest thing in the world if you don’t try to skip steps. Remember finding buyers and then finding houses that your buyers want is the key to a successful wholesale deal.

Do it all the time. Just make sure you don’t offer to much based on the fact that its in retail condition.

Do you have a MAO formula for pretty houses?

Eric, what if you find a house that is in an area your buyers have not requested… should I be more hesitant to tie it up. Or just tie it up because I know its a great deal and market the hell out of it?