Wholesaling REO's

I want to start wholesaling REO’s in my area.

What problems have you seen in regards to people seeing a different price then what you are offering a property at on google??


What happened to your CA endeavors?

Google :shocked wtf :anon ok I think you mean different price in general if you have a buyer who’s interested they could care less. I try to get mine cheap enough to be around the list price if not be honest. This is what I do for a living. I find good deals and get paid to do so.

I still plan to focus 90% of my attention on CA’s; just tied up 2 new properties this weekend.

Just trying to add another niche to the arsenal.


I mean if I offer a property at a price and then my buyer’s google the address and see it listed at a lower price. What do you do then?

Alex, I’ve only ever had one buyer mention anything about a house having two prices. It was a CA and they had put in an offer a couple of weeks earlier but backed out. I think they were hoping to wear the seller down but in the meantime I came in and signed it up and pushed the price up by $20k to include rent credits and such.

Needless to say they didn’t buy it, but someone else did.

What does CA stand for???

Cooperative Assignment.

Thanks Herbster! What exactly is a CA???

Someone correct me if I’m wrong :smile

A Cooperative Assignment is a technique of a Lease Purchase niche that you can use on a seller who is not to motivated too sell their home lower than what they think their house is valued for. So, your goal is to assign the contract subject to to the owner’s approval and you keep the assignment fee.
Ex: They ask for 100(k)
You have it on contract for 105(k)
You get paid your fee of 5 (k) when the tenant/buyer puts down as a deposit.