wholesaling raw land

Has anyone had any experiencing wholesaling raw land?

I may have a lead here in Phoenix to do that.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated

Wholesaling land is no different then wholesaling homes. The only different thing I would do depending on the size of the project is I may ask the seller for 90 days to close instead of 30 days only because your new buyers due diligence and raising capital could take a little longer.

Hey there.

there are similarities to wholesaling houses, but the big difference is that you’re buying audience is specialized and smaller and since it’s undeveloped it’ll take longer to get it sold.

Here’s a good way to do this:
Sign up the land using an option.
I’ve done this for a year plus term with rights to renew.

Just make sure you are dealing fairly with the owners and that they aren’t looking to get cashed out really soon.

Options are great in that they cost very little, can be customized and can be protected since they can also be recorded