Wholesaling question (general)

I am preparing to get into wholesaling, as I have spent many months educating myself through books and a few courses, as well as completing some research.

Of course, most “books” and “courses” make it sound extremely easy.

My question to you veteran wholesalers is with the “current market” (I am not just talking prices, but am including the many, many people tied up with mortgages that they should not have, usually in “upside down” situations-they paid way too much a year or two ago, etc.), do I need to concentrate more of my focus on learning Short Sales? Is wholesaling today as it was 5 years ago with the “current market”?

Please don’t limit your feedback; any and ALL comments are welcome!!

Yes, the guru’s always make it sound easier than it is. What is usually left out is how much money you need to spend to start getting leads. In other words, how will you find the deals?

I personally think short sales is the technique to learn. A huge percentage of my leads don’t have any equity. The ones that are behind may be great opportunities to create equity where there isn’t any.

Yes, Yes, Yes, it all looks so easy! But, when you get a system down, it can be a lot easier. All techniques, wholesaling included are always an option in any market. You can always find that deal that for whatever reason- they have equity- but they are about to lose it all.

Finding deals is the hard part, spending as little as possible to get the maximum results.