Wholesaling Pre-Forclosures and FSBO's

:help I am a newbie to wholesaling…I am anxious to start but am not sure if i should focus on pre-forelosures or FSBO’s…
My concern (and lack of knowledge) with pre-foreclosures is how difficult are they to wholesale especially if the sellers owe more on house , or owe very close to what the ARV is… Does this happen alot? Is this type of scenario common with FSBO’s also?

Thank you

There’s no money where you’re looking. Try REO’s, Foreclosures, Hud homes etc. Herbster

Focus on generating leads, any leads. FSBO would be a good place to start. You
will find the most success with people that are not looking for a solution, but
are still motivated to sell. These are deals that other investors don’t know about.

You’ll have success in pre-foreclosures, but not that many pre-foreclosures that
have equity. You’ll need to negotiate short sales, which can be a long process,
especially for a beginner…