Wholesaling Outside of State

I am looking for anyone with information on wholesaling in Indianapolis, specifically Marion County. Is it possible to wholesale without being located in the same state as your deals?

It’s 100 percent possible to wholesale in any state in the country when you are located in another state.

I’m located in Georgia, and I have wholesalers on my list that are located in Long Beach, California and Baltimore Maryland. They have both have investors on their lists that are located in the city I live in. I send them deals and they send them to their investors.

If you are going to wholesale out of town I think it is safest to wholesale someone elses deal. You don’t have to know the town as well as you would if you were trying to contract on the deal yourself. You choose your own route.

If you are wholesaling someone elses deal then the chief wholesaler will choose the title company or attorney so you don’t have to worry about that as much. More than likely you’ll be doing some form of an assignment for your portion since your contract will not be direct with the bank anyway.

I’m in Virginia and I’m wholesaling a Kokomo, IN property from a seller that’s in TX. My end-buyer will probably be from a 4th state.

the company I work for is in Texas and we wholesale properties all across the nation we have done 10 in Indy this month. We are buying Indy seems like a hot spot.

I live in NY and I do wholesale in Santa Cruz Ca for Santa Cruz California real estate.

do you need to have LLCs or obtain some type of license in these other states?

You can wholesale anywhere in the US
Im a Realestate Investor and Property Scout

A RE license is needed if you match buyers with sellers as a middleman.

A person who wholesales (or an company for that matter) would be a principal as they are agreeing to buy and then selling on the right to buy. A wholesaler is not picking up a fee or commission.

You might want an LLC or other company entity for business reasons.

I’m currently marketing and doing my Wholesaling business in 9 cities across the US while I live in Richmond, VA…Virtual Wholesaling is very possible and it’s doing great for me. You should definitely widen your horizons when it comes to this business. I have very good, well-trained virtual assistants and I’ve automated my system.

Yes you can do this, but in the beginning I would recommend that you stay in cities in you state or the state over. Get some cash flow and experience up and then you will know how and where you want to expand your business to. Don’t get to crazy at first, focus. :beer

Yes wholesaling in areas where you are not from can be accomplished. Definitely keeping an open mind can open up many opportunites for you. :smile