Wholesaling Out Of State....>>>Help!!!!!!!!

How do you go about wholesaling out of state if the buyer and seller are in 2 different states from you? How do you make a profit? heres the scenario… i recieved a email today from a investor in okalahoma saying he wants to partner with me and if i accept he will send me atleast 20 deals every couple weeks i just need to find buyers for properties under 20k. :help Also How do i go about finding out of town investors?

If his name is Kweku Brown, he’s wholesaling the properties. He’s not the owner. I got e-mails from him. Later I had a conversation with the real owner about some guy in OK. He asked me his name. Then he said Kweku was selling his (the real owner’s) properties.

To get back to your question, the only difference between local wholesaling and virtual wholesaling is the distances between you, the other party and the properties. For single properties, I ask the seller to send me photos and have a way for a qualified buyer to see the properties. The rest is basically the same as local.

thanx for the heads up on that and yes thats the guy. so how do you do the contracts with being virtual is it just a email the contract print and sign then send it to the next party?

Kweku Brown contacted me as well… Is this guy okay to work with?

I think Kweku got our e-mail addresses from this site. The other forums I visit don’t show my e-mail address in my profile. This site shows our e-mail addresses.

This site shows our e-mail addresses

Only if YOU do not mark them as private. In your Forum profile, directly under where YOU entered your email address is a sentence that reads;

Hide email address from public? YOU have to check the box.


But is he still ok to work with? I got an email from him as well.

I guess my question really is: does he really have access to the properties he’s trying to sell at the prices he’s trying to sell them for?

You might want to say you found out the deals aren’t his, although his e-mail makes it sound like he’s buying deals from the banks.

Ask him if he has access to the properties and what contractual agreements you would use to work with him. Ask him to show you how he is able to market the properties, if he’s not the owner. The real owner showed me an e-mail he sent to Kweku which had the exact list of properties on it. There was no contract in the e-mail, but that could have been handled before the e-mail was sent to him.

All I know is, I’m not dealing with him.

Good luck!

Hey Demo, I’m just wondering why are yo not choosing to deal with him? Is it because he doesn’t own the properties? Sound like he’s just trying to wholesale, is that such a bad deal. Just curious, because I have received the same email, with you email adress on it as well.

I was up front and honest about me being a wholesaler and he wasn’t up front and honest about not owning the houses. It’s only after I told him I had the same list from the real owner, that he said he wasn’t the owner.

I do market other wholesalers’ deals, when I don’t have enough of my own, but only when I know are they are honest with me.

Just my 2 cents. I operate with honesty and integrity and I expect those I work with to do the same.