wholesaling newbie and scared

I want to wholesale and I am extremely scared and excited. Any advice on how to start?

Start reading the forums, get a mentor, attend some meeting, buy some books. wholesaling is far from rocket science, I cant even change my own oil but I have done plenty of wholesale deals

Check out Eric’s blog as well.
It’s chock full of info, just on wholesaling.

You do have someone taking care
of changing your oil don’t ya?
I’d hate for that nice 'vette of yours to
lock up. :cool

Which books would you guys recommend for newbies?

Anyone know if this guys program is any good?


Pilot 22,

Big waste of time. Why would you want to purchase something from a site that looks like a high school student wrote it?

I am hoping that it is not an advertisement on your part as that is against forum rules. The Forum rules are the first post in every newsgroup.

Spend some time and energy reading these forums, asking questions and keep your money in your pocket for Real Estate Investing.

did that look like an advertisement to you? Would like some input from someone regarding if the material is any good, rather than guesses.

Also, Vena Jones-Cox – “Wholesaling Real Estate”. Is this about buying and fixing up houses yourself and reselling them or is it about assigning contracts?

did that look like an advertisement to you?

Let’s see…first ever post. Has a link to a cheap advertising site…hmmmm. uh yes! :rolleyes

I would also recommend listening to teleseminars on wholesaling. Someone on this forum probably knows how to access on www.reiclub.com the previous seminars given by Steve Cook & Vena Jones-Cox. It’s chock full of info.

Learn your market area. The How To’s are the easy part. Knowing what the value of the product in your area is the challenge. Wholesaling a deal today with the help of every one here is really easy…but if you have no idea what the values are then you are wasting your time. Call three realtors, because one or two will flake on you. Have them send you auto emails on sold, pendings and current listings. Read them every day till you know your market area. Also go thru every open house and pull every flyer and go thru many,many, many homes until you know what a home is worth by looking at the photo’s. During this portion of your training you will need to become paper trained for when you spot the deal.
Have fun, Darin

There is only one book that will teach you wholesaling and you can get it on amazon for like 20 dollars. Its called “40 days to success in real estate investing” good luck.