wholesaling newb

Hi there im Matt my wife and I are starting a wholesaling
company in the northern Indiana area. Are first plan of action
is to open a web site to generate leads. Were looking for advice
as to how to generate those leads weather it be internet marketing,
or print ad or any consistant form of leads and referrals. Any advice
would be appreciated. tks

Hi Matt!

Welcome to REIClub and welcome to the wonderful world of Wholesaling Houses!

Well, there are plenty of ways you can do to market for leads. You can combine traditional ways with modern technology. Here are just a few…

  • Bandit Signs
  • Free Websites (like Craigslist) and FSBO’s
  • Public Records Search
  • Ads
  • Drive for Dollars
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • the MLS (if you know someone who has access)
  • Networking and Referrals

I suggest you take the time to check out all the discussions here and you’ll learn plenty from them.

Good Luck. :biggrin

My suggestion would be direct marketing… I have had better responses through mailings than anything else…

Try to use many forms of media to get the word out. Mike mentioned some options for you.

While having a website is essential, it will not add to the bottom line of the business fast enough. Unless you are really good at SEO, in which case i’d like to hire you. Or, you plan on spending good money on Google ads…

Keep focus… find deals, find deals, find deals… that should be your only focus…

Don’t fall victim of the wantrepreneur mindset…

You can run some small google ppc campaigns. I also like making videos to drive traffic to my websites.

You can make a few simple videos and name the videos keywords. For example We buy houses with your area name after that and sell house with your area name after that are two of the biggest search terms people will use to find investors that buy houses.

If you target those main keywords it will help.

Also the other ideas mentioned are good as well. You can combine everything you heard to come up with a plan you implement over time. You can add something new each week.

Just some food for thought.

Best of luck to you and welcome to the forum

I agree with making videos to drive traffic to your site, but PPC, that can get you in trouble financially if you don’t know what you are doing. Learn ppc and keywords first before doing pay per click, know why the cost are what they are per click and go after dome low comp. keywords that are lower but available in the masses.

You must however get that phone to start ringing. have you tried bandit signs?

Hey Matt,

First I want to say congrats on the start up of your Wholesale Business. There are tons of opportunites in wholesaling Real Estate. I would say as a newbie investor, you want to try and limit your over head as much as you can. Using the internet to generate leads can be very expensive, if your not knowledgable enough to know how pay per click works.

If you are looking to generate leads, there are low cost effective ways you can start to get your phone to start ringing…

  1. Search for vacant properties and solicit the owner through direct mail.
  2. Bandit Signs saying We Pay Cash For Houses, We Buy Houses Cash, We Buy Ugly Houses
  3. Craigslist.org
  4. Connect with other wholesalers in your area
  5. Attend REIA meetings.

Just a few tips…Shoot for the stars!

To your success! :smile