Wholesaling Land?

I have an opportunity to wholesale a lot in the Baltimore City area and I would like to know has anyone had any experiences with wholesaling land?

In this market it really depends where it is located. Builders are slowing down a lot and unless this is in a place where someone desperately needs to build something I don’t see it working well.

I would like to know this as well. I have a property that I have an opportunity to wholesale…very large property (couple thousand acres)…wondering how hard it would be to find an end buyer.

Like I said, probably depends entirely on where it is. Of course the price is also a factor. Land doesn’t sell as fast as improved property, unless you have a real good deal I don’t think you’re going to be able to wholesale it like you would a house. If you plan to do this you should get in touch with builders and find out what they are looking for, where they are buying, what they are paying, etc. Just like wholesaling houses, have your buyers before you even think about looking for sellers.

How difficult do you think it would be to find an investor to purchase this land and not develop it? Excellent farm land for cattle, lumber, etc.

Depends entirely on the price and where it is. I am a firm believer that ANYTHING will sell fast if the price is right. In the middle of the Great Depression land sold, I bet at a nice discount though. Develop the relationships up front, then find the land. Be like a waiter in a restuarant and take the orders, then find it. If you have a cattle guy that’s looking for 1000 acres of farmland go look for that. If you can find a lumber mill in need of more land to harvest wood then go find that. I wouldn’t go out and sign up a contract on 10000 acres of land that’s good for nothing other than lumber if you didn’t already have a relationship with a lumber mill.

As a wholesaler you need to have buyers lined up. You need to ask your buyers if they are interested. Also, see how many other lots/areas are currently available in that specific area of Baltimore City. Make sure you know the city zoning.