Wholesaling in Winter

Greetings friends!

What’s everyone’s view on doing due diligence and getting people to sell and/or buy during the winter season? Especially in areas of heavy snowfall?

I have a plan to get starting wholesaling, but it doesn’t go into effect until the beginning of next year AKA January AKA really cold weather.

Let me know your thoughts,
-Eric M

P.S. - I’m getting super excited about starting!

Actually it is a great time of year. The rule of thumb that you are concerned about is that in real estate people don’t move when there is snow on the ground. You want to put the house on the market in May and have it sold by July.

Wrong market. The market you are thinking about is the natural buyer. The market you should be thinking about is the investor side of the market. The investor buys the house in November December. Spend January February doing the make-ready, and put it on the market in March April. That means they are looking to acquire in November December and you should be lining up houses to wholesale to them now.


In the years I was heavily invested in Kansas City I sold and rented properties all year round, of course things slow down between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. I never saw someone move when it was actually snowing, but I saw a lot of people move with snow on the ground.

I think most people would prefer not to move in cold, cold weather, I think people do what is necessary for them to do including move when necessary. Now granted the statistical numbers of people buying or moving in winter may be half of the people who move in summer there is in fact some number of people forced to make a move!


I can remember being in that same head space… Except when January came rolling around then I had one other thing “I made up” to do until I could finally start in the spring.

Then something else popped up.

Then a year had passed and I was still friggen broke as a joke.

If people are buying and people are selling, then you need to be wholesaling.

I have found that home sell well in the winter months. It really helps when you don’t have to be the one showing the house. Slap a lock box on that bad boy and let your cash buyers go crazy over the house in the cold. lol

Cash is still green in the winter.