wholesaling in several markets

im just curious to know if anyone is virtually wholesaling or wholesaling in several different states and or markets,and how much per month they are spending on marketing etc,also are you all getting these deals via direct mail and or reos?

I’m not saying virtual wholesaling won’t work, but the real estate by nature is very local and it pays to know an area. If I can’t drive to a property and see it for myself, then I won’t make an offer.

I agree with Scott. Try this out in your own city and if you want to branch you might spend 200-300 per each outside city if you are not doing it yourself. For example if you live in LA and you want to market in San Diego, you will pay about $1 per sign, $1 for each sign posted. You wont have a problem with people posting them for you if you are paying them $1 per sign posted. Build a little repor with the person that will post your signs. If you have a family member that lives in a different city I would start with them. Only if you trust them. :cool

ok,the reason for the virtual wholesaling is because my city is only 40,000 ,so what do u suggest,and the nearest big city is over 2 hours away

There’s nothing wrong with a city that big, either. :slight_smile: But, you can wholesale anywhere in the us, with the right team.

you know of any virtual wholesalers or wholesale in more than market yourself?