wholesaling in real estate tried or contested in courts ?

Hello, i was wondering if wholesaling in real estate ever been tried or contested in courts ? thank you

Some investors will tell you (and this may depend on what state you’re in) that wholesaling can be dangerous because it rides a razors edge of committing fraud. You’re telling people that you’re going to buy their house when you have no intention of actually buying it yourself. The rick compounds if you don’t have the funds to purchase the house and make no attempt to obtain them.

All is usually well if you complete your part of the transaction. Just make sure things go smoothly and no one will ever have a reason to sue you.

I’m sorry I can’t offer any more details, I’m basically parroting the advice from one the co-managers of my local REI club. He warns often of the dangers of wholesaling. While the other co-manager makes a killing wholesaling. Go figure.

My sales contract clearly states that I intend to find an end-buyer that I will assign my contract to for a fee paid by the end-buyer.

Make sure you have this in the original contract with the seller:

On the title line SELLER put your entity or personal name followed with And or Assignees