Wholesaling in Philly, PA

Is anyone doing wholesaling in rehabbing in the Philadelphia area? What kind of success are you having? Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike!

I have alittle story to tell you…

I was in my Real Estate Attorney’s office the other day and we were talking about cash flow. I was commenting that here on Long Island it is almost impossible to get properties to cash flow. An averege purchase price is $369 and rents don’t exceed $2200. I went on to say that I was looking in the Syracuse area because of the cash flow.
Well he turns to me and says…“Have you looked at Philly?”
I said "no because I didn’t know about working in other states. Well he said that there seems to be a lot of investors on Long Island Rehabbing.
So… Yes Philli seems to have some kind of “buzz.” Just don’t limit yourself to wholesaling to Pennsylvania buyers. You can find buyers in New York too.

Just my $.02


Thanks for the advice!