wholesaling in other states

How do you wholesale in other states? Is it,

  1. Find a property
  2. Check numbers
  3. Place under purchase contract (fax or overnight the contract)
  4. Find Buyer
  5. Assign (assignment contract) or *double close contract (fax or overnight contract)
  6. Collect money!! :biggrin

*how do you double close in another state?

Thank you.

What you listed is a good general outline. I would stay away from a double close out of state unless you have a very good relationship with a title company. There is a lot of coordination involved with a double close. It’s hard enough to do in your own area.

As far as selling, you just need to market to investors in the area the property is located. The Internet makes that much easier today.

I have a different way of doing things that looks like this.

  1. Find buyers
  2. Find Property
  3. Check numbers
  4. Put under contract with an out
  5. Get buyers through
  6. If they like it get paid.

I would not waste my time finding property until you have buyers, it will save you alot of headaches down the road.