Wholesaling in NY

I want to start wholesaling in the upstate NY area but I’m hearing that wholesaling in NY is borderline illegal. I haven’t spent a lot of money on marketing or anything yet, so I’m trying to find out the validity of it all before I invest anymore time or money. Is anyone else whoelsaling in this area and have yo had any problems or had to do anything specific in order to stay away from lawsuits? Thanx

I’m not sure for sure but I know that the City of Buffalo is pretty militant against flippers, which is pretty crazy.

These people think flipping is the cause of all of their problems , not incompetent government.

I think people say flipping is illegal but they are taking about mortgage fraud. But these people seem to protest flipping even if it is a cash transaction!

Which part of Upstate NY are you working in?

Wholesaling is not illegal in NY. Just get to know the rules for seasoning of title and what the lenders expect. In Buffalo, the rules are a bit interesting if you’re dealing with tax liens. Check with a well referred attorney.

I am actually considering working in the Buffalo area…where can I find an attorney or a title company who is experienced with wholesaling in the area?

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