Wholesaling in NY

Is anyone familiar with Legal issues of wholesaling without any license in NY? I really need clarification because a banks attorney office that handles a lot of closing said it is required in NY. I know that people always say don’t let other people make you think that it can’t be done, just that i don’t want any legal issues.


Hey Swirlaze, how are you? its great to see someone from NY.
how is it working for you as a wholesaler in NY?
I would like to hear details about it if its possible.
and could you explain the things that I should avoid that might cause any trouble when I wholesale?
Thanks for your reply and hope to hear from you soon.


I live in NYC and by the sounds of it maybe you do too.
Thanks for the adivice. What I was curious about was that you said it was very close to what a broker might do. I wanted to know what would be the critical difference that makes it a wholesale without making it illegal. Thanks for your input again.