Wholesaling in Missouri

Hey everyone I am excited to be here.

If anyone needs help wholesaling in Missouri please reach out to our team!
We are happy to help. We have buyers in St. Louis all the way to Kansas City. :bobble

I just updated our site and was curious if you could give me your opinion! Specifically the facebook and google star reviews, is that too much? Thanks in advance. I look forward to learning from you all!

Hi mobuyers:

How are you sir? Sorry if this is not in line with the topic. I have a question: How do you find comps for Kansas City and St. Louis when Missouri is a Non-Disclosure State? Greatly appreciate your assistance.

I think the site is solid. I like the proof plugin you have installed and the video is good. I can see you put the what did you search which is obviously for the search engines. I would be weary of this. My philosophy is you should always write content for real people that adds value. Once you do that you tweak and optimize for SEO. What you are doing may work for you now but Google always updates it’s algorithm to ensure valuable content is ranking and it may catch on to a pattern of listing search terms like that and penalise you. Try and create some articles that cover the topic and ensure those keywords are mentioned.

I like the video on the homepage! Helps with bounce rate because people will theoretically stay on your homepage longer if they watch some/all of the video before bouncing off. Consider placing that a little higher on the page so that people find the video soon and don’t have to scroll far to reach it. This may help with bounce rate! You can consider putting it ‘above the fold’, meaning you don’t need to scroll at all to find it once that page is opened. Hope this helps !