Wholesaling in Connecticut - how's it going???

In the current economy, is it a good time to wholesale? Would appreciate input from Connecticut or New York state.

Thank you.

I don’t think so. The economy is gaining power. As well as real estate. Price will go up a bit and it’ll be stable. Hold it for some time.

Nick, thanks for your reply. From your message, I presume it’s not a great time to try one’s hand at wholesaling.

Maybe I should provide more information. I went to this real estate seminar, and the speaker went through an explanation of the process and of course made it sound easy. “Minimal amount of money to get into the deal and $5,000 for the deal. - A mere 4-6 hours work.”

So, I was wondering what the climate was for wholesaling to see how close his description was to current reality.


VickyS- i messaged you. I’m also an investor in CT.
Wholesaling is always an option. you just need to have the right elements. qualified end buyers, get the property at the right price etc

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Wholesaling works well in any market anytime and anywhere. There always a price someone will buy and sell a house for. You just need to study what prices and what areas investors are buying the houses for and focus on paying less then that price when your making offers to the sellers. You must ask the investors what percentage of the retail value that their buying the house for and go from there.