wholesaling in california

hello to all!

      Iam really, really, new to real estate/investing and excited. wanted to start my future in real estate by wholesaling and eventually work my way up to become a rehabber. Everything i read or videos ive watched are from people NOT in california. 

Is there anyone here wholesale in california? and how is the wholesaling business in california?

thank in advance!!

I’m a wholesaler here in Central California. Been at it for a few years now.
I used to do Construction bringing home 30K a year.
I’m excited to say I’ve made $75,000 already this year and have 2 deals in escrow scheduled to close tomorrow for an additional 16 Grand with 2K going to a bird dog.
Including the 2K I’ll be paying my bird dog tomorrow, I have paid $27,000 to my property finders this year.
I pay a girl to crank out my post cards to absentee owners but havnt spent much money on marketing this year.
I feel guilty cuz I’m off riding my Harley, flying my planes, Relaxing, & sleeping in late.
For the first time in my life I have nice vehicles that are all paid for that are licensed and insured. I have completely rehabbed my personal residence & added a 4th bedroom and decks.
One of my bird dogs called me a few days ago thanking me, he’s off on his own doing RE part time and he had just closed on a wholesale deal that paid him $11,000
I have a competitor that I’ve done several deals with and he’s doing very well.
Its been a crazy ride, I’m starting to believe this old dog ex construction worker deserves to make some
big money.

Hello Randoskie!
first of i want to say is wow! and greatly appreciate your response! and very happy for you Randoskie. you have gave me a great amount of motivation with your response. hopefully if i ever have any questions or run into to trouble i can count on your response and advise.
I am current going threw a program/ package on wholesaling and very anxious to make my first deal and get the ball rolling.
hope to hear from again soon. thanks again!

Hey Ernie, I hope I gave you the inspiration to get going on this. I don’t know how much ur spending on your wholesaling program, I got started with a book for $19.95 & $5 shipping.
I don’t want to mention names but I was hounded by telemarketers wanting me to take additional training. I told them I didn’t have the money, then this vulture was pressuring me to borrow or use credit cards. I asked is everything I need to know in the book, he says, “Yes it is” OK great, see ya.
I’ve purchased several courses since with dif Guru’s but I always plug in a fake phone number, because these people are relentless. I’ve heard of people benefiting with this extra training, and I personally know several that spent a small fortune and never did a deal, of course that’s ther own fault not the program I’m sure.
If you email me I’ll send you the e-book.


Would like to ask for your direction/advise if you don’t mind sharing. I own properties around the country since 1996 - from a coop building in NYC to a duplex in LA and a number of places in between. I’ve always worked solo. Any suggestions you can pass on for ways to research investors like yourself looking to purchase? I would like to bird dog for others as a way to learn Ventura County real estate. Thanks.


Hey Thomas, I’m not familiar with Orange County.
I suggest placing ads in that area and recruiting bird dogs to find you deals.
If your into Fresno, & Kings Counties I can do something.

Hi Randoskie,

I am also new to wholesaling but finding s starting point. I do not know how to find birddog and properties. Is there possibility if you can PM me the name of the book you read.

Thank You.

Hey Randoskie, are you still wholesaling in Central California? If so, has it slowed down because of the Coronavirus? Thanks!

I’m waiting for the s2htf, I’m hunkering down and hope this economic carnage passes soon. And we and other investors can pick up the pieces.

I live in CA and tried out wholesaling here. Completed one deal successfully but then ran out of money. Jumped back into the W2 world, and now I virtually wholesale in PA from out here. There are pro’s and con’s to working in CA for all parts of Real Estate. The prices are usually SUPER HIGH if you’re near major metro’s (bay area, los angeles, san diego). That means big spreads, but also means more competition. Definitely not impossible to make things happen in those markets though!

There’s also small central CA suburbs that you can target near larger cities like Fresno or Bakersfield. Lower prices, and maybe lower competition?

Either way, whichever direction you choose, the main thing is to stay consistent with your marketing and continue to think big, test strategically, analyze results, and pivot towards what is working!

Good Luck!