Wholesaling in Another State

Hello to all,

I am new to this forum. I have a question for the more experienced Investors, Wholesalers, etc. Well, here it is:

I am from the Philadelphia, PA and I have done quite a few wholesale/flipping deals in my City.

I would like to know how a Wholesaler can make a deal in another state without physically seeing the property and flip it to a Investor?

I would like to hear from Wholesalers who have done this.

It’s the same as you would wholesale flip in your local market.

I would though hire someone local to take pics of the property if you are going to get it under contract.

Sounds simple enough… I guess the fact of not seeing the property jolted me a bit.


[b][/b] You can also put ads in the local papers or on Craigs list for bird dogs and offer them a certain fee after the closing takes place.

There is so much virtual investing going on now that over 80% of properties that are being bought now are done over the internet - compared to only 27% back in 2000!!

Hope this helps some and the best to ya!


Great I will implement the Online advertising for Out of State Bird Dogs…