Wholesaling in Another State

I’m in Florida and have created a website that is generating leads from all over the USA!

I currently have a house in Wisconsin under contract… My seller lives in Indiana and sent me the contract via fax. How do you guys who are wholesaling in other states handle showing the property?

Do I have her send ME the key? I have no intentions of flying to go show a house…

Any suggestions would be helpful!


See if you can find a fellow investor or bird dog to work with you for either a small percentage (I expect to make $10k so would be happy to offer you 5, 7 or 10 percent for example) or pay a per showing rate or flat fee to place a key code box on the property so potential buyers could see the inside.

Be careful as since you have not seen the inside this could be interesting as you will get some colorful feedback!

Good luck,


Try contacting NJA Investments in Appleton Wisc. Nate used to be on this site and he is a GOOD experienced investor. You can google the company to find him.

Hi sanchoman! I do a lot of out of state virtual wholesaling. I’m in Richmond, VA and I market to different areas all over the US. Try to look for and network with other investors/wholesalers in your different markets. What I do is I market for sellers and they take care of buyers. You can split the deal 50/50.

What you can do is put an ad on craigslist advertising for someone to go and take pictures for you of the property. It should cost you no more than $15-30 bucks .

You should also connect and JV with other wholesalers in the area if you don’t have any buyers in that part of town. Once you have pics of the property you can advertise on craigslist, postlets, bandit signs if allowed in the area etc…to get the property sold.

Hope this helps :smile

What’s funny is on several occasions, I would advertise my properties for sale or rent in other areas and I would ask my prospective tenants or buyers to take some photos for me. And they would. Usually the seller would have photos. Marketing and doing deals in other states offers some challenges, but it is so doable.

I would look online for the most prominent wholesaler in that area and try to schedule ONE showing with them to move it quick