Wholesaling in a small market

I live near a metro area in Louisiana where the population is around 375,000 people. I am wanting to do some wholesaling to gain experience as well as stack up some cash in order to move into rehabbing. There is no REI club in this area that I have been able to find and that leads me to believe that there is not enough investment activity to support wholesaling. Is wholesaling normally done in a much larger market? If you believe it is viable in this market, what is the best way to find investor buyers to build a list since I have no REI club to network at?

Thanks for your help.

You’ll want to expand your investing radius in smaller markets. Even if it means doing deals 50+ miles outside of town. In addition, you could look into virtual wholesaling…pick a market anywhere and jump to it.

What exactly is Virtual Wholesailing? Can you explain that to me please, Im a new investor aswell