Wholesaling - I have buyer list, now what??

Ok, so looking at wholesaling, I realize that the first thing to do is establish a buyers list. Post a classified ad stating rehab special, thousands below market. Also, attend REI club meetings and develop a list of buyers from this. So when this is into place, what is the best way to go about finding sellers? I’ve been told about placing a “We buy homes” ad in the paper. Also, I’ve heard of finding a realtor willing to work with investors. Have this realtor provide you with a list of foreclosures and houses in need of rehab. Then take negotiate from these lists and take them to people on my buyers list. I know having a realtor eats into profits, but hey, if I can get a larger number of deals and make a couple grand on each one, I’m all for it. Please let me know what other suggestions there are either for finding motivated sellers or expanding my buyers list. PLEASE HELP as I am very motivated and wanting to get into the wholesaling business!!

I dunno, but shouldn’t you get the properties under contract before you show them to anyone? How you gonna do that?

Think ya have to figure that one out first.

Then go to town