Wholesaling Houses

Hi everyone out there. My question is, I have a house under contract but no buyer yet can anyone me give advice on finding a buyer for a double closing?

Yep! read the rest of these forums or run a search, its all there. Herbster

You can run an ad, go to your local real estate investor meeting, or meet people at house auction. There’s a zillion ways but those are probably the best.

huh?? you sign a contract and you don’t have a buyer’s list???

see…that’s one of the biggest mistake a newbie like me and you can do…

i suggest you build first your buyer’s list…(that’s what I’m doing now!!)


WholesaleKid is right, you need to work on your buyers list. Building a buyers list is crucial to your success. OK, here is what I would do post ads in Craigslist, Backpages.com that say something like this… “Investor’s Special - Thousands of $$ below Market - This will go fast! (###) ###-####” OR “Handyman Special! Great Deal For Rehabbers! (###) ###-####” (fill in your phone number and pictures). Call some of the “We buy houses” ads in the paper, signs and internet ask them if they are looking for wholesale deals and ask them if you can add them to your list of potential buyers to notify when you have a great deal. Oh yeah, here is my new thing I’m doing with my potential wholesale deals I post them in meetup.com REIclubs in the area. I hope this help you.

One question. Why are you using a double closing?

wholesaling have diff. exit strategies…

the cleanest way is the ass. of contract - (not good thing about this is the seller may not close if he/she see your profit…(maybe he/she get WILD!!!..HAHA)
-it’s better to say that you are finding the ultimate buyer for their house so they will not get wild at the closing, explain to them what you are doing)

double closing - your profit will not be seen by the seller - (but you need to pay for closing costs…)