Wholesaling Homepath or FHA Houses

Are we able to wholesale homes that are under Homepath or FHA? I was told there are many restrictions or obstacles to deal with. If it’s possible, what’s the proper way? Please share your thoughts. Thanks.

I don’t know what Homepath is, but I’ve wholesaled many FHA homes and the buyers always have cash or bring in a new loan, so I dont think it matters one iota who holds the mortgage.
However if your talking foreclosures, the banks have all these restrictions and rules and and it’s ridiculous and u have to deal with realtors and yada yada.
I’ll send u a free book if u PM me.

Thank you Randoskie for responding. Very much appreciate it! I believe Homepath properties are managed by Fannie Mae. I’m eyeing on a Homepath property that’s been on the market for 2 months now but I wish i know how to wholesale it. Anyway, pls check your PM, really appreciate your help. Thanks again.

Hi Randoskie:

I have PM you but I don’t know if my message went through. If anything, let me know.