wholesaling/flipping properties

Guys, what are the simple steps to take when you want to wholesale a property?
I have a 4-plex that i found in Uptown new Orleans, and was able to negotiate the price way less than the actual value. ITs a great buy ( a gold mine) for a rehabber or contractor.
I want to draw up a contract for this house, and then assign the terms of the contract to an interested contractor.
Who is familiar with this kind of deal? Please give me info that will guide me through this without screwing myself up.

Ask a realtor to help you, and let the realtor sell it for you. LA laws differ from most other states, so nobody in the other states can help as much as a local realtor. Get a legible copy of the contract used by realtors in your state and learn it. Ask for advice. (The locally-accepted contract form should be freely assignable. )
If you are certain you have a bargain, have a potential buyer who knows how to rehab look at it & give you an opinion on value. Be conservative.
Execute a contract with a low down payment. Tell the realtor to sell it quickly. Leave some profit for the buyer.
Find another property, conclude the contract assignment on this one, investigate the next one, bank the profit. Repeat the process. Save the profit.
After a couple flips, you should have enough cash on hand to buy & hold one or two. ( Buying below market value, improving the property, and holding for appreciation is where teh big profit is. )
Good luck,

Thank you for your advice. Exactly how will I pay the realtor in order to be able to do this? Will the realtor get paid from my assignment fee? Do you think a realtor will be able to sell it for me?