Wholesaling Course

Hi, I’m new to wholesaling and want to buy a course. Who is better? Steve Cook or our own Eric Medemer. Opinions please. Thanks, Herbster
PS I’m leaning toward Eric because we’re both from Michigan.

Never heard of either. What is the premise of their offerings?

I’m surprised you never heard of Eric he’s a member here and has posted a lot of good advice.

Anyone with any first hand experience? Like have you taken one of these courses? Herbster

Went on my gut feeling and bought Eric’s but both his and Steve’s are on ebay dirt cheap. Maybe I should by both.Herbster

I have Cook’s course and its fantastic. Bought it 2.5 years ago and still refer to it often. I can’t comment on Eric’s course since I don’t have it.


Nate, how many deals has the program helped you make in the last 2.5 years?

I’d have to look but somewhere in the 35-40 range if I were to guess.


Steve and Eric are both good guys but from a pure wholesaling standpoint, I would go with Steves course.

PS - Hey Nate. (xburbx)

VENA JONES-COX all the way!!! I have made tons of money with her stuff! Best bang for your buck. Nobody cares like Vena!!!

My partner Ian loves Steve Cook (see WeSellHomes2Fix). I prefer Vena. She truely is the Real Estate Goddess. Started with her system 2 1/2 years ago. I have done over 150 deals since. Her program gives you all the abc’s of wholesaling fom finding the deals to getting paid. It’s very informative and useful.

If you don’t want to spend MEGA BUCKS then checkout some of these sites. Reasonable price and has great info just like the big guru’s. I have purchase all of these and they have helped me a great deal. Good Luck






I have to say Steve’s stuff is very good, I won’t comment on my own…That would be kind of biased.

The main problem that I had with Vena’s material is the amount of space she dedicated to finding buyers which is such a massive part of the wholesaling equation…Especially right now with the way our economy is going.

Both Steve and Vena are great educators and money would be well spent with either of their systems.

I never set out to be some sort of “GURU”, I basically took every strategy that worked for me and wrote it down and recorded it… I also worked with some other wholesalers in the area so I wrote their strategies down as well.

I can say with 100% honesty that my stuff works…how do I know?..All I did was write down what I did to make money as a wholesaler…AFTER I was making money as a wholesaler…Nothing fancy…

I’m sure Steve and Vena did the same thing.

One of the things that many people tend to overlook is that it doesn’t cost a penny more to put good information down vs. $hit information… It’s all just typing on a page or words on a recorder.

Herb your discs on the way…