Wholesaling Course?

I am looking for the best wholesaling course out there. I mean a course that after learning it, it will take you to being able to make your first deal and beyond. I want to know if anyone here has used any wholesale courses out there and if so would you recommend it? Has anyone herd of someone using one and having great success? Thanks for your input!

There are a lot of good courses, but the course is not the issue. Most people never follow through. Drop me an e-mail and I can give you the one I recommend.

Steve Cook. “Wholesaling for quick cash” Go to reiplace.com for info.


I agree with the prior statement. A bunch of course are good, but far too many people don’t follow through with what they learned. I am an assistant trainer for one of the late night info-mercial guys and it amazes me that out of the hundreds that I teach very few actually do anything. Just buy a course or go to a live training and actually do what they say and you should make some money.