Wholesaling Contracts

Hey Guys–

Im brand new to the game. I want to get into multi-unit buy and hold, but I also want to do some wholesaling to build up some extra capital so that I can make it happen. I’ve been doing a ton of research, and I just dont want to end up a “professional student”, so I’m ready to get out there and make things happen. Im currently working on my buyer’s list, and im finding deals on CL daily. I needed to know where you would recommended getting my contracts to start doing deals. Guessing an RE lawyer would be a good place to start–any ideas?

I needed an assignable sales contract that had all the clauses needed for my state, and an assignment contract to assign the sales contract to my end buyer. I found the forms I needed online, tailored them and then had my RE attorney review it (I figured that would be cheaper than having him draw them up from scratch). Although, some attorneys might have these as standard forms, so you ask and find out how much it costs.

Get a few referrals for RE attorneys in your state. You can ask other investors in your area who they use.

How about asking another wholesaler? All you need is an “as is” contract that is assignable. If you get one from a RE attorney, it’ll surely have 4 pages of fine print, legal mumbo jumbo. Keep it simple and straight forward. It’ll make the seller feel more comfortable.

If I got one from another wholesaler, I would still have it reviewed by an re attorney, just in case.