Wholesaling Commercial

First off, I’ve been coming to this site for a while now, reading material, studing it, playing out the pros and cons in my mind, and I’m ready to get my feet wet. I have found this site to be my # 1 for real estate info and appreciate all the material and advice your site has to offer. Now to my Question

There are several commercial properties, and undeveloped lands in my area that are vacant. I was wondering what would be the best option for me;

A: Try to lease/purchase the property letting the owner know my intentions of bringing businesses into them

B: Try to get a price and maybe find investors looking for commercial properties

C: Try to get private funding and conduct all aspects of selling or leasing to prospective businesses, i.e.(manufacturing companies)


I think your 1st step should be evaluating the properties for their income potential. Is there growth in the area? Will there be a demand for these properties. Why are they currently vacant?

If there is huge demand and a strong potential for selling, then I would look into how to tie up the property (maybe an option).

Patti Porter

The problem is there is little growth in the area, but if someone were to provide more jobs than the growth potential could be extraordinary

Who’s gonna provide more jobs???

If I went with option C in my original post, I could provide factory or warehouse jobs. But thats another post altogether

So am I understanding that you would be starting a business as well??? or would you be marketing to those types of companies and they would bring in the jobs??? If you already answered in another post, sorry, just post the URL and I’ll look at it.