wholesaling commercial real estate

anyone have any recommendations of courses or online information dedicated strictly to wholesaling commercial real estate?

Are you trying to wholesale the properties yourself or are you trying to get access to the properties to make a profit?


aren’t they essentially the same thing? at any rate, i’d like to wholesale commercial properties (flip contracts like I do with residential)

It depends on which way you wan to go with it. I have access to heavily discounted commercial real estate and non-performing notes nationwide and I can either sell the property information to brokers that I have selected to work with (JV) and let them max out on the profits or when any of my investors let me know what their investment criteria is, I can provide them with a constant stream of properties that I email to them on a regular basis. I also have a special program where I work with new investors who are interested in buying commercial real estate.


im just looking for general information on the subject so i can begin hunting for commercial deals and wholesaling them.

on another note, i’m open to co-wholesaling properties with other investors/wholesalers on any deals in NJ