Wholesaling Commercial or Residential, which one should I choose?

I am currently looking into the possibility of wholesaling properties and was wondering if anyone had any information on the main differences between Commercial and Residential.
There seems to be lots of information on residential and therefore a lot of competition, but I am struggling to find information on wholesaling commercial properties.
Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t think you have to choose either one! I would say that you should be open to work which ever one comes along and is a good deal. In my area the commercial property is limited because of the size of area, but I am always open to try commercial if it comes up. I also have been working on vacant land. A deal is a deal no matter what kind of property it is, just make sure you understand the ins’ and outs of what you are doing


Thanks for your reply Keith,
I’m sure both residential and commercial can be worked together but there appears to be a lot more information out there for residential.
In my limited experience of the commercial market everything appears to take longer, you need to cover a larger area to be affective and the deals are more complicated. Obviously the finantial retums are larger. I have a keen interest in the commercial side of things and I suppose I’m looking for some kind of guidance to help me along the way.
I don’t suppose you know of anyone how specializes in commercial and who would be willing to share information with me? Alternatively, are there any courses or books out there in commercial wholesaling?
I’m based in Canada so being anyones competition in the States is not an issue.

Thanks again for you response.

Has anyone ever done a double close on a commercial properrty? Is that even possible?

There is at least one on this sites courses. Yes there is much more to commercial property than homes, but the reward is much larger also. I have not had a deal on any buildings that could be used as retail outlet, but have purchased larger apartment building. The value then has more to do with the amount of income the property can pull in then structure value.