Wholesaling closing attorneys? Please help this newbie!

First off, I like this site’s informative members so far, very empowering. So I have yet to make an offer, nor have I ever done a deal. I have a question that’s been bugging me, and I would love the input of this forum. I live in a small town in Georgia and I have absolutely no connections yet. I need to know if all closings agents will do a contract assignment, and where in the heck do you get these contacts from!!! :anon So I feel pretty helpless, needing an answer to move forward. Thanks in advance!


That’s a great question, the first thing I did was to find deals by running “I Buy Houses” ads in Craig’s List, I didn’t have any marketing budget. It was slow going at first and finally I figured out I had to make up multiple email addresses and flood Craig’s List with those ads, even in neighboring towns and in other states.

After a few deals I was able to purchase lists of absentee owners & do some direct mailings and buy bandit signs.
Lately I’ve had Investors (Cash Buyers) calling me from seeing my bandit signs.

I also recruit bird dogs which is a great source of having deals brought to me.

It’s a natural progression. In 3 years I’ve become well known in my city, I’ve had investors say when I meet them, “So your the famous Randy Phillips” I laugh and am really surprised so many people have heard of me. I even have had Realtors say they heard good things about me and tell me I was recommended.

Now, I sometimes get deals dropped in my lap from other investors, Realtors and my bird dogs.

What’s interesting is I only have investor friends now, my old friends don’t want to hear about the new deals I’m working on, the ones that just paid off or anything about Real Estate.

The rumor amongst them is, I must be doing something illegal, how else cud a boneheaded ex construction worker that never graduated from HS be making all that money.

So, my advice is don’t worry about making contacts, just get busy doing some deals.

Let’s make some MONEY…


Hi, go to a real estate attorney… let him know what your plans are… and he will give you contracts to use…maybe with a cost…
or google and download “purchase and sale” contract…
its really easy

good luck