Hello All,

I have recently decided to do something positive about my financial present and future. I am presently doing all the research I can, on real estate investing. I have read two books, one by Ron LeGrand and another by Bill Vaughn, and search the web everyday. I have learned a great deal of info and now it is time for me to get my “feet wet”.

My financial situation is downright bad (I have just been granted a bankruptcy discharge in July) so I am going to try wholesaling and birddogging as my entrance into RE investing. What I am asking for is: Is there a reasonably priced book, website or other source that I can use, that will give the working knowledge I need to know in order to successfully wholesale houses and make a good profit???

I have learned much from the books I have read, having searched online, read many of these forums, etc. which has given me a broad-based knowledge of RE investing. Now I need to focus in on wholesaling and learn it thoroughly, from start to finish, the nuts and bolts, the fees and forms, etc. If some of you folks out there could point me in the right direction, I would be most grateful.

Thank you for your time and understanding, Ed S.