wholesaling ATL


My name is Patrick out of KY. I recently purchased a buyers list off the internet and really haven’t done anything with it, kinda busy with work and trying to find properties. I live about 45 minutes south of Evansville,Indiana and the market here is not that good right now. So I started networking with some of the buyers on the list that I purchased via text and email and found that some of them are looking to invest in ATL. Atlanta is"hot" right now and there’s alot of deals some good some junk. I been looking on CL and see some really good deals on there. My question is how can I position myself and offer the deals I really want to my buyers list and not get cut out of the deal? Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks, Patrick

You can try to find someone in ATL to help you co-wholesale. You can find the buyers and your partner would have to find the properties. Let me know if that’s a good idea.