Wholesaling and Birddogging question

Hello. I live in the metro Detroit area and I have a few questions. For a beginner, which one is better to try out, wholesaling or birddogging? If I was to wholesale how do you begin and where do you get the forms from, ect. If I was to birddog, where do I get those forms from? How do I start to do either. I am kind of stuck.

I would suggest you start by reading everything for the last 6 months on this forum and other. Then read a lot of the articles and success stories on this web site. There are also free books and audios on this web site.

Bird dogging doesn’t require you to write a contract with anyone. You just find properties and refer them to investors. Wholesalers find properties, then put them under contract. Then, you can assign the contracts to rehabber investors or “buy & hold” investors if the properties need little or no work.

Good luck!

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