Wholesaling a High end home

I do a lot of wholesaling for houses in the 50-200k range, but today I ran into someone who has a house worth 1.35 to 1.4 Million, and she’ll sell it for 1 million. This isn’t your typical 30% off ARV, but there is still 350,000+ in Equity sitting here and so I was wondering what you guys would do to find a buyer for something like this?

I’ve got a pretty extensive buyer’s list, but all of them are for much cheaper houses.

Ideally I would like to wholesale this thing for 10, 20, 50k to someone who wants to buy it then just put it on the market to make a quarter million or more, but I don’t know how to go about finding someone like this, nor do I know what type of margins are wanted by investors who flip high end homes. Another thing to note, this house is also in great shape.

It would be a real tragedy to let this one go, if there is a way I can actually get something done with it