wholesaling a fsbo with a land trust

Does one have to have a name down for trustee? Can I assign my beneficial interest to my end buyer without having a name for trustee. ( i don’t have a llc or corp right now) Would I put down vesting to be determined at closing. My whole idea is to not use my name as the trustee and not use a entity. Is this possible?

A trust must have a trustee and a beneficiary. You can use your attorney instead of your own name. Just be aware the trustee will name you if anything ever happens and has to sign off on everything.

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They call them Trusts for a reason… Maybe its just a play on words but yes you have to name someone your Trustee. What state are you in… Out here in California it cost less then 130.00 to form a LLC or Corporation… And can be done in a day…

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