Wholesaling A Fire Damaged Property

I’m new to wholesaling and trying to get my feet wet. Today I was driving for dollars and found a property in my area that has some extensive fire damage. I found out it just happened 3 days ago. I’m going to contact the home owner and see where they are at with this property. My question is has anyone ever wholesaled a fire damaged property on here and how do you go about estimating repairs? I know you usually take sq. ft x $15-$20 and there’s your estimated repair costs for a junker. Should I double the $20 t0 $40 and get a basic worst case idea or is there a better way. Thanks in advance!

Its almost impossible to apply a rule of thumb to a fire damaged property, especially to “extensive damage”. Brick walls MAY have to be torn down, engineered roofing trusses MAY have to be replaced, electrical wiring MAY have to be replaced, etc, etc, etc. I’ve bought fire damaged places before (minor damage) and just like any other property, the price just has to be cheap enough to guarantee a decent profit.