Wholesalers in Dallas / Fort Worth or Ventura County, CA wanted

I’m looking for wholesalers in the Dallas / Fort Worth TX and Ventura County, CA areas who can deliver solid deals to an investor group (cash buyers). You can contact me via PM if you have active deals in the area or have done wholesale deals in these areas before. Thanks

A year or 2 ago I was looking at Craig’s List in Houston, I seen a multi unit that looked like an insane deal. The seller was or is a realtor and I sat on my thumb too long and it sold quick. Anyways, now this realtor sends me more stuff that looks really good, usually every week. But I’m reluctant to jump on these cuz I’m still sitting on my thumb. However I’ve been programming my head with these thoughts of bigger and better.
So, I’m thinking, if you got some ready buyers we can run some of these deals pass them and split the profits.


Is it all Houston?

I’m sure someone has actually made money investing in Texas, who didn’t actually live in Texas, but… I’ve yet to meet anyone.

BTW, when I click on any of the BBC tags (emoticons), my browser opens a new, blank tab. Anyone else experience this, or is it just my problem?

This realtor is located in Houston, but sends me deals in Dallas and other TX cities, looking at a fixer now he sent that’s in Louisiana.He has it for sale at 20K, supposed to be worth 80-90 after repairs, and with a $900 rents for the area. Only one photo and I asked for more, he wanted to meet me there. I told him I was in Calif and I flip in other states and I can flip this one if you get me more photos. That was 3 or 4 days ago and I’m still waiting.
I’ve done 3 out of state deals, one in Maryland, one in Montgomery and one in Las Vegas. And most of my local deals in California are out of town, in these small one horse farming villages. I luv em, in fact I currently got a massive direct mail campaign out to these neighboring counties. Occasionally I get one in my city.

I would definitely be interested in any in DFW and SoCal if you get any. I’m good with a profit split. I will pm you my email address.

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