Wholesalers do you worry about your end buyer walking out on the deal because your Assignment fee is too high?

Contact me I can help you get around this. You have to protect your profits.

If you have a deal under contract at a low enough price that you can add in a big assignment fee and STILL be a low enough price that your end buyer will turn a healthy profit I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I’ve heard some people will call their end buyer before closing and explain that they are making a big assignment fee, but that there is still plenty of room for the end buyer/flipper to profit too. Sets the expectation so at least it’s not a surprise when they see it on the HUD.

That said, don’t get too greedy and price your properties too high. Remember that this buyer will buy another property off if you after they flip it so don’t sell them out for one deal.

This is a good problem to have, so keep up the good work!